Lilith in All her Punk Rock Glory

angry young woman screaming isolated on black background with copyspace


Lilith from Finding Fire:

“Lilith’s blue hair was down and had white and gray streaks that ended in black tips. Her red lips were luscious and glossed. Scarlett wondered how people with lip piercings managed to put lipstick on without leaving a smudge on their jewelry.

Lilith would have made a metal detector go nuts. She had various metal loops and silver cuffs along the edges of both ears, a piercing through the cartilage at the bridge of her nose, and studs that gave her manmade dimples. Her thigh-high leather boots had mean looking buckles from top to bottom, which matched the embellishments on her black leather corset. She managed to make a red tartan miniskirt look badass. But the best part was her eyes, the electric blue swirling in her irises spoke of the fireworks that were yet to come.”

Finding Fire will be released in Spring 2017, but you don’t have to wait that long to hang with Lilith, this bad ass is in Finding Home.

Go to the Sapphire Books website to buy the Goldie award winning Finding Home.

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