Teaser for “Irish Awakening”

14258239_10153819224357765_2871189005397383337_oI started writing, Irish Awakening, my fifth book while sipping tea Clement & Pekoe, a Dublin tea house with the most amazing range of smooth flavorful blends. They also serve coffee, but it’s Ireland so I needed to get my tea tasting on. I bought five of my favorites and can’t stop brewing their awesomeness: Pomegranate & Mango, Oolong, Jasmine, Blood Orange and my favorite Gunpowder. No it doesn’t taste like sulfur, but the tea leaves resemble munitions. Check them out on their Clement & Pekoe Facebook Fan Page, and if you find yourself in Dublin, you must stop in and stay a while!

Anyway, I thought I would share my first steps into my latest work-in-progress. Let me know your thoughts!

Irish Awakening 

By Liz McMullen – Sequel to If I Die Before I Wake

Bendicion Charlie, you nearly gave that vieja a heart attack!” Bernadette Yates slapped Charlie Dempsey on her shoulder, causing her to stumble a bit down the slightly uneven footpath.

“Bernie, it’s not like I meant to make the tree grow. I just had to touch it. It was pulsing with insane energy.”

“Fine, just Cálmate. No more jack and the beanstalk action.”

Charlie shrugged. Bernie was doing her best to train, but Charlie was causing calamities left and right. Bernie had already re-ruined a castle wall and drained a mote Charlie managed to fill when she causally wondered what it looked like back in the day. “This field trip has been a disaster, we should head back to Dublin.”

“If I wasn’t so overworked I would disagree. But you aren’t off the hook. You can’t learn magic in isolation. Next time we will stick to short trips on the DART. This time I am driving back. You blanquitas can’t be trusted behind the wheel.”

“Oh thank god, the trip here added five years from to my life. Dyslexics should not be asked to drive on the wrong side of the road, ever.”

Mija, you’re not the only one with extra canas from this trip to Muckross Abbey. Let’s get back before Flower has any more time with your beloved. She must have finished an epic poem in the time we have been gone.”

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