Sneak Peek from Finding Fire

finding-fire-smallerMolten lava swirled in her pale white irises. Scarlett Weiss’s pupils were smaller than the head of a pin and as lethal as a poisonous dart. “When?” She spoke loudly to be heard over the roar of whipping wind and the growl of her Harley.

“Sinking into darkness.” Maxim spoke with the dreamlike quality that accompanied his visions. “Boa is taking Magnolia to the chamber next to your father’s suite.”

Scarlett had to focus through a series of hairpin turns as she rode into the heart of the valley. Neither spoke. Magnolia was Scarlett’s niece and the daughter of her half-sister Tia Keating. She couldn’t believe that their father would kidnap his only grandchild. Something was up.

A tug in her heart drew her at a fast clip to her sister’s house. Cows chewing cud in the pasture were blurs of white and black. Scarlett’s rage was checked only by the desperate sorrow Tia was projecting into the woods. A tear trickled down Scarlett’s cheek. It was so foreign it took her a moment to register the source of moisture. The sky was too blue to weep.


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