Salem and Ann…Maybe it’s Maybelline?

An unsuspecting Liz McMullen and soon to be dismayed Lynn Ames were in the hotel bar. Meeting all sorts of friends at the GCLS Conference in DC. Everything was enjoyable, including the posh cocktail Ann McMan was sipping, when AMFA  and Salem West noticed something, um…special? unexpected? Ann and Salem somehow get a whiff of my long wavy hair, which was bodacious thanks to all the LUSH bubble baths that I had been taking in my enormous bathtub. Shout out to Judy Comella at GCSL for hooking the attendees up with kick ass rooms in Hilton Alexandria Mark Center.

Salem and Ann loved the scent of my hair so much, they invited others to check it out. Hence comes the unsuspecting and soon to be dismayed Lynn Ames. Ann grasped a sizable amount of my hair and brandished it in Lynn’s face. Poor Lynn, I am grateful she is still talking to me after the bodacious hair debacle.

finding home_with_award
Some wonderful things happened at the conference. Loads of hugs, love and well…it became a full-on family reunion. I can’t tell you what it means to me to be surrounded by people I love and respect. The icing on the cake was Shelia and I winning a Goldie in the Young Adult Category for Finding Home. Our first co-authored novel was a labor of love and we are so pleased the judges enjoyed Kayla’s story.

A big shout out to my publisher at Sapphire Books. Thank you for believing in us. Imagine Shelia’s pitch: I had a vision, a dream actually, that Liz and I were going to write a series together. Cue looks of incredulity from our publisher and yours truly. Somehow, this Yankee and Shelia bless-your-heart-and-have-some-sweet-tea-on-the-porch Powell were able to come together to tell Kayla’s story.

The biggest moment of the evening by far was convincing Lee Lynch to join me on the stage to accept the Goldie for Through the Hourglass. Lee was so modest that she was actually confused when I first asked her. Apparently her wonderful wife Laine gave her a nudge and away we went.

THROUGH THE HOURGLASS 3-DflatGCLSLee and I played the role of proxie for Editors Sacchi Green and Patty G. Henderson. I’m not sure I remember much of what I said, but I did enjoy looking to my left from time to time to see my dear friend and shero Lee Lynch holding the second award.

The night was magical, with more of those fabu hugs and tons of love to go around. It was an honor to share these special moments with my twin-in-a-past-life Shelia Powell and my treasured friend Lee Lynch.

Sacchi Green and Patty G. Henderson were my editors for Through the Hourglass. They guided me and helped me grow as an indie publisher, but more importantly, we became closer friends. Of course I can’t forget the contributors to Through the Hourglass for helping us making our dream of a historical romance anthology come true.


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