Book Two: Silenced

So now that Finding Fire is being looked at by betas I’m starting the second book in my Pioneer Valley Romance series, Silenced.

Alise Brauer got the boot in her teens for being a lesbian. She had to find her own way, without family or friendship. Even though she has a successful career, she still remains hidden and repressed. Silenced is about her journey to find her voice and a life beyond the daily grind.

When I started what would become Unspoken (Original titles So Close So Far and Words Left Unspoken), I created very rich characters with developed back story. I had structured my novel to be like the movie Playing by Heart. Unfortunately, I felt there was too much going on; the subplots were more like competing plots.

So I decided to pare back, and focus on two main characters per novel. A crowded novel has evolved into a rich series. I love these characters and hope readers enjoy spending time with them as much as I do.

Contact Liz: Facebook, Twitter and Email.

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